Trevor Sherk

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You've arrived at the digital home of Trevor Sherk, a coder, runner, freelancer, and volleyball enthusiast.

Here you'll find my short bio and the latest posts from my blog. I've also got my resume and portfolio where you can check out my work projects.

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About Me

I currently work full-time as a Software Engineer here in Ottawa, as well as some freelancing web development with my spare time. I love fixing difficult problems, helping out customers, and learning new things.

Previous to my current position, I worked at an Ottawa-based tech startup where I gained valuable experience building some powerful SaaS products, and before that I wore many hats in the Web Department of a non-profit in Hamilton. These experiences have greatly shaped who I am today and inspire me in the projects I take on today.

I got my start coding at a pretty young age, and fell in love, you might say, with web development fairly early on. It's a hobby-turned-career and am excited each day to still be programming, problem-solving, and learning in this ever-changing tech world.

My Favourite Things

Sports has always been one of the things I most enjoy. I love playing beach volleyball, training for half-marathons, golfing, and exploring the outdoors. In the winter, there are still plenty of volleyball leagues in Ottawa and things to do outdoors. Ottawa is a great city to live!

I also love music. I took piano lessons growing up, but now I mostly just listen to music while I work or travel. I'm not the most artsy person, but I also enjoy doing a bit of photography.

A list of my favourite things wouldn't be complete without mentioning my wonderful and supporting, family, friends, and church "family". I love surrounding myself with these positive influences in my life.

Speaking of social circles, you can check out some of my social media to keep learning a bit more about me, or see what I've been up to!